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ShopVue for Cost Accountants 

Accurate Product Costing

ShopVue provides cost accountants with the true costs associated with jobs and labor.ShopVue gives cost accountants reliable data from the factory so you can determine true product costs and perform more accurate variance analysis.

With ShopVue, you can:

Get accurate labor tracking. ShopVue's Console interface, combined with touch screen and bar code technology, allows operators to easily charge their time against jobs and orders. You can capture more cost as direct versus indirect labor.

Track setup and machine time. Get the actual time products spend in setup and running on your machines so you can cost products on actual times rather than estimating with standard times.

Track scrap costs. Operators report pieces as scrap on the spot. Reason codes help you to improve the process.

Balance attendance time and labor time. ShopVue reconciles direct labor hours with attendance hours so all employee time is accounted for. 

Get more from your ERP. ShopVue updates your ERP system continuously with factory data that you can trust, so you can eliminate uncertainties in your production costs.

The Operation Time Analysis Report displays Machine, Operator, and Team Time for a given Order, grouped by Step.

About ShopVue: ShopVue is a shop floor data collection system that provides a fast, friendly and foolproof user experience. Our MES software works with your ERP such as SAP; Oracle; Dynamics NAV, GP, or AX; Infor Syteline, XA, Point.Man, ForthShift; Macola ES; BPCS; PRMS and more.