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Time & Attendance 

Factory Time and Attendance Software

Simple, accurate time tracking is just the beginning.

ShopVue's Factory Time & Attendance software is the foundation for all of ShopVue’s functionality. It tracks who is in the factory, when they arrived and left, and the area they are working in. This simple but essential information makes possible a host of attendance features and combines with other modules, such as Shop Activity/Labor, to increase their value.

Here’s how ShopVue's Time & Attendance works:

Employees can quickly punch in and out using a variety of terminals, such as time clocks in entryways, touchscreens at their work centers, or wireless computers they may be carrying. In most cases, employees use either a barcode or proximity badge for identification.

Upon timing in, an onscreen timecard provides continuous feedback, letting employees know that ShopVue is recording their attendance correctly. Finally, a tabbed interface can show upcoming schedules, the status of vacation requests, and virtually any other ShopVue information that you want to share.

We’ve designed ShopVue Time & Attendance software to be flexible and highly configurable to accommodate any corporate culture. It can support a single location factory or a multisite, multinational manufacturer with tens of thousands of employees. And whether you have the complex attendance rules of a union shop or the simpler requirements of an honor-based system, ShopVue Time & Attendance will exceed your expectations.

With ShopVue Time & Attendance, you can:

  • Record attendance from badge scans.
  • Schedule employees---shifts, work center assignments, and days off.
  • Perform calculations based on your company’s policies, including punch adjustments, lunch/ break extraction, overtime, and shift differential.
  • Track department loans for accurate labor distribution.
  • Manage by exception---edit and approve records online in just minutes a day.
  • Export data to payroll systems.


Complex Schedule Patterns

Running a 5/4/9 or DuPont rotating schedule? No problem. The module’s Schedule Patterns feature allows you to define a variety of complex schedules by linking together daily work schedules and days off. Patterns automatically repeat so the system knows when each employee will work on any future day. Schedule exceptions by day and pattern replacements ensure exactness.

Pay Groups

Store rules for all different groups within your organization. The Watchdog references these rules and other employee information to do its calculations. Changing a policy--such as how double time is paid---is straightforward. A ShopVue administrator simply changes some parameters and tests them using the preinstalled training database and Scenario Assist utility. There’s no need for costly reprogramming.

Manage by Exception

At the end of each shift, supervisors can quickly review their roster of employees by focusing their attention on just those with reporting problems or anomalies such as tardies, missed breaks, or overtime pay. They can see everybody’s regular and overtime pay summarized on one screen and, if desired, can approve everybody’s time with one click. You define what constitutes an exception. For example, if employees in the quality pay group have the flexibility to work late, ShopVue would not alert their supervisors for working past the end of their shift.

Labor Distribution

Improve your cost accounting. Labor distribution makes it easy to loan employees to different departments or work centers. Employees can check themselves into a new area or supervisors can record the loan, either by scheduling loans in advance or redistributing hours at the end of the shift. When an employee on loan works overtime, a pay group setting determines how the premium will be allocated among the departments.

Watchdog Time Calculations

Imagine the perfect timekeeper. He knows all the rules: how punches are adjusted, whether lunches must be punched and how they are paid, what constitutes overtime and how to calculate it. He processes each new transaction in milliseconds as soon as it crosses the desk. That’s the Watchdog, a background service running 24/7 on your ShopVue Server, ensuring the accuracy of your attendance data.


We designed this calendar-style interface specifically for factory supervisors. Rest assured, you’ll have high adoption rates, and your time and attendance system will be a success. Supervisors use Week-at-a-Glance for most attendance tasks including managing future schedules and absences, editing and approving today’s attendance and labor, and reviewing the past. Day and week views, multi-select, and copy/paste controls make it even easier.

Balancing Labor and Attendance

In conjunction with the Shop Activity/Labor module, the system can compare each employee’s attendance hours to labor hours and detect missing labor time reporting.  ShopVue notifies supervisors with an Attendance/Labor Out of Balance message and expects them to resolve the difference prior to approving the shift.

Export to Payroll

ShopVue can transmit payable time (as hours and/or dollars), absence pay, and shift-related information to external payroll systems. It has out-of-the-box support for leading payroll systems such as PayChex and ADP, and is easily configured to export to any other system. ShopVue typically runs payroll exports weekly or biweekly, and verifies that records have been approved prior to export.

About ShopVue: ShopVue is a shop floor data collection system that provides a fast, friendly and foolproof user experience. Our MES software works with your ERP such as SAP; Oracle; Dynamics NAV, GP, or AX; Infor Syteline, XA, Point.Man, ForthShift; Macola ES; BPCS; PRMS and more.