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Time/Activity Card 

Timesheet Software for Salaried Employees

The ShopVue Time/Activity Card add-on simplifies attendance and absence reporting and data collection for salaried (exempt) employees. Employees use the honor-based ShopVue Time/Activity Card program on their PC to quickly report attendance and absences and, if required, their time worked on specific projects.

 With the Time/Activity Card add-on, you can:

  • Simplify attendance reporting for professional employees. Eliminate the need for nonhourly employees to clock in and out with honor based, exception only reporting. Human Resources can configure company holidays and employees' scheduled vacation days in advance. Periodically, employees take just a few moments to either verify that their attendance matches their schedule or to make corrections.
  • Track time and other user-defined variables against projects. Allow employees to record time spent working on specific activities, clients or projects.
  • Approve and export. Managers can review and approve employee hours and activities before exporting the information to payroll.
  • View payable hours and absence credit balances. Employees can quickly see how many payable hours they have worked during the current pay cycle including regular, overtime and double-time hours. They can also view their vacation, sick and other absence time balances.

A Sample Week in Activity Card. In the above exmple, salaried employee Barry MacKay has reported the activities he worked on during the week. This screen shows Barry's day on Thursday. He has a scheduled vacation day on Friday, so his time card shows 42 total hours for the week.


Copy/Paste from Previous Day

Employees can easily cut and paste hours and activities from one day to another to simplify reporting when they work the same schedule or work on the same activities several days in a row.

Actual Attendance with Honor Activity

Allow honor-based reporting of time against activities while requiring employees to clock in and out using the ShopVue Time & Attendance module or another solution.

Support Banked Hours

If your company allows employees to convert overtime they've earned into absence credits, employees can choose to bank earned overtime hours using the Time/Activity Card module.

Duration Only

This popular time-saving feature allows you to configure the program to only prompt for the duration. For example, the user enters 1.5 hours and the program automatically fills in the start and end times as 7:00 and 8:30 (based on the employee's day schedule and other time entries so far for the day).

One-click Entry for Attendance Only

You can configure schedule patterns for employees so that the program knows when they were expected to work. If only recording attendance data, then a simple click enters time for a day that went according to schedule.

Auto Fill

Elect to fill time not allocated to a specific project or activity to some default indirect tasks (administration, sales, planning, etc.).

Unlimited Installs

Casco Development does not meter the Time/Activity Card module, so you can install the client on an unlimited number of employee PCs.

Rapid Deployment and Upgrades

Quickly perform silent installs and upgrades on networked PCs from your Web server.


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