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Component Control  

Materials tracking and error-proofing

Track materials at the point-of-issue.

Many manufacturers suffer from inaccurate inventory balances because it is difficult to capture material usage on the shop floor at the point of use. As a workaround, companies overuse automatic back flushing but may still not know the true cost of materials, especially for high value components. Also, reporting delays make it difficult to reconcile what’s in the computer with what’s really on hand.

The ShopVue Component Control module provides the following benefits:

Error-proofing. Ensure employees “follow the recipe” and use the correct parts in the correct quantities, every time. (Sometimes called foolproofing or poka yoke in Six Sigma and other Lean initiatives.)

Tracking of actual consumption. Record consumed materials in real time so you always have up-to-the-minute status of product usage and cost.

Reconciling consumption versus production. Identify missing components to ensure employees are reporting scrap and reworked parts correctly.

Tracing BOM components by lot or serial number. Even if your ERP doesn’t provide lot/serial tracking, ShopVue can provide total traceability of each component from inventory to final product.

ShopVue Component Control:

  • Displays materials required at each operation.
  • Validates that Operators select the correct materials and quantities.
  • Captures quantities, lot and serial numbers and as-built data.
  • Scraps components and return excess to stock.
  • Halts operations until the right materials are indicated.
  • Updates inventory balances in your ERP at the point-of-use.

Component control is useful when:

  • Operators pick materials at the time of assembly (versus a product kitted in the store room).
  • You want to track real-time consumption of raw materials or parts produced in house (whether or not you need to track by lot or serial number).

The ShopVue Component Control module guarantees assemblers are using the right parts in the right quantities.

The ShopVue MES Console Issue Material screen. The Console only displays the items that are required at this operation. ShopVue shows inexpensive or bulk-issued items in grey, for reference only.


Machine Stock

When components are issued to a machine, ShopVue automatically records the quantities consumed by the machine as it runs on a first-in, first-out basis. ShopVue correctly allocates the materials consumed by the machine across multiple orders.

Substitute Material

Operators and assemblers can substitute one part for another. ShopVue can use validation logic so that substitutions are limited to very specific situations.

Configurable Validations

ShopVue checks issue quantities against validation rule sets to insure that assemblers are using the correct quantities.

Ad Hoc Material

Assemblers can use parts not specified on the original BOM.

Single Button Confirmation

Assemblers easily confirm the planned quantity by pressing a button automatically labeled with the default quantity.

Lot Control

If a part is lot controlled, ShopVue can require assemblers to specify the lot or serial number being used for traceability.

Material Issue Summary Report

For the selected order, this report lists the details of each material issued.

About ShopVue: ShopVue is a shop floor data collection system that provides a fast, friendly and foolproof user experience. Our MES software works with your ERP such as SAP; Oracle; Dynamics NAV, GP, or AX; Infor Syteline, XA, Point.Man, ForthShift; Macola ES; BPCS; PRMS and more.