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Incentive Pay 

Calculate Incentive or Piece Work Pay

Reduce payroll workload and eliminate pay errors with automatic real-time incentive pay calculations.

The Incentive Pay add-on extends ShopVue to automatically calculate incentive earnings without the need for an additional system. With minor customization, the add-on applies your unique pay rules and policies to completely automate incentive pay calculations. Incentive Pay eliminates time-consuming spreadsheets, reduces pay errors, and enables employees and their supervisors to see actual, up-to-the-minute earned pay at any time.

With Incentive Pay, you can:

  • Automatically calculate piece work earnings based on efficiency, not hours worked.
  • Allow managers to specify an average rate for jobs that do not utilize incentive.
  • Guarantee minimum wage or other minimum pay rate.
  • Feed your payroll system for gross-to-net processing.
  • Provide employees with real-time access to actual dollars earned.
  • Override standard calculations to address your organization’s complex rules.

An Example of Incentive Pay


Make-up Pay

Insures that incentive workers earn at least minimum wage or their base rate. This special calculation is done for each activity or the day in total. An essential feature especially for new workers who have yet to come up to speed.

Average Pay

ShopVue continuously recalculates and stores each employee's average pay---often based on the last 13 weeks but easily customized to different periods and pay types. Operators are often paid this average if a job is running poorly. Perhaps there is a material problem which is not their fault. It is also used for unique activities like building a prototype.

Permissions-Based Rate Selection

Operators can select the rate type---i.e. incentive, average, etc.---at the start of each activity. The supervisor will be notified of the change. If necessary, she can disapprove. Alternatively, for more control, she can set the rate in advance or change during the normal end-of-day edit and approve process.

Precise Tailoring via Customization

This add-on covers the basics but, let's face it, most incentive systems are quite complex; they may contain odd rules resulting from years of labor negotiations and contract adjustments. This is where our professional services group steps in. They have over 15 years experience in customizing this platform.

With a focus on careful design and minimal coding, your incentive consultant will:

  • Carefully document your system-- its goals and how it operates.
  • Make suggestions to rationalize and simplify.
  • Design a solid solution with an eye toward diminishing returns possible with automating "edge cases".
  • Code custom routines.
  • Create test scripts for all scenarios.
  • Oversee testing.

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