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Machine Tracking for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 

Technical Specifications


  • Jobs can be started by one Operator and finished by another.
  • Jobs can run for many days with just one interaction to Start Run and one interaction to Finish Run.
  • Labor time reflects the presence of zero, one, or multiple Operators.
  • Schedules unique to each machine: for each of 21 shifts specify whether machine is scheduled to run or be off.


  • View Workpoint Status
  • Drill down for status changes for selected period
  • Console OEE summary for current period
  • Console Activity List
  • Utilization
  • Change Normal Staffing: Indicate for each shift whether machine is scheduled to run





  • Downtime Pareto
  • Machine OEE
  • Machine Utilization
  • Machine History
  • Downtime Response

Special Calculations

  • Apportioned Machine Hours: If multiple jobs are running concurrently, as in a Heat Treat operation.

Configuration Options

  • What state should be associated with each Operator transaction.
  • How machine time accrues when no Operators present.
  • How machine time accrues when Operator is on lunch or break.
  • How machine and labor time accrual are affected by different types of downtime.
  • How long a machine can be halted before DMI records it as down.


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