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Shop Activity/Labor 

MES Labor Tracking Software

What your people are doing. Where the orders are. Right now. On your desktop.

The core module within the ShopVue MES software system, Shop Activity/Labor provides powerful, configurable labor tracking. ShopVue collects both direct and indirect labor with an eye towards keeping shop employees'  time at the terminal to a minimum. You don't need to walk across the factory just to check the progress of today's hot order or see if Ted has started on the new part yet. It also means Ted won't be wasting a lot of time on reporting.

Because of the real-time nature of the data collection, supervisors can track labor efficiencies and WIP status whenever they want, and labor data updates to your ERP system are continuous, improving its planning and tracking functions. In addition, our user interface is multilingual and supports touchscreen and barcode scanning, making it quick and easy to integrate into a diversified work force.

With Shop Activity/Labor, you can:

  • Scan barcode travelers.
  • Capture direct and indirect labor.
  • Track quantities as they complete each operation.
  • Record scrap against multiple reason codes.
  • Offer a one stop shop for operators to record all important events in one fast, foolproof interface.
  • Share information between operators, departments, or shifts using Banner Messages.
  • Monitor labor efficiency.
  • Continuously post WIP status to your ERP and APS systems.

Shop Activity/Labor Screens

The ShopVue Shop Activity/Labor Module provides rich labor tracking software while minimizing reporting time.

On-only Reporting: Rear: An employee scans the order and step on a barcode traveler to start a Run. ShopVue assumes the previous operation is stopped. Middle: The green row on the Activity List indicates the new Run. Front: The Console prompts the employee to enter quantity good and scrap information for the previous operation.


EZ Scan

Operators can complete key interactions, such as finishing one job and starting another, by scanning just one concatenated barcode. The operator scans the bar code and ShopVue automatically knows to interpret this as a start action. When starting another, the labor tracking software knows to automatically complete the previous one and calculate the elapsed labor time.

Setup Analysis

Forget about the out-of-date standards entered in your ERP years ago. Setup Analysis allows you to specify how long it takes to do both major and minor setup steps for each work center, or if necessary, each specific machine. When doing a setup, the Operator indicates the setup type and other data helpful in later analysis.

On-demand reports answer key questions: Are orders being sequenced properly? Are setups being shared? Are we minimizing major changeovers? Together, this data can accelerate your Lean journey.

Simple Rework

Operators can indicate they are doing rework by simply selecting a different tool or checking "Is Rework" when starting. The additional labor charged is recorded on a Rework Analysis report. 

Batch Reporting

Operators can report short duration, less significant jobs in a batch rather than making multiple trips back to the terminal. ShopVue will automatically split the labor time among the group of operations. For example, if an operator reports working four jobs between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., ShopVue would assign 15 minutes to each job.

One Touch Reports

Workers can access critical information with a single touch. Your administrator configures simple popup reports that can select and format virtually any data you want to display. For example, a popup listing could display each day’s output against targets and the computation of this week’s group bonus.

Configurable Validations

Foolproof your data collection process and ensure accurate data using the built-in suite of configurable validations. Your ShopVue administrator can modify pre-built validation schemes such as Precise Piece Tracking after Gateway, Quantity Reasonable Based on Actual Time, and Sequence Checking. The administrator can also create new rule sets.

If operators make an entry error, they are given a soft warning, a hard stop, or a prompt that requires a supervisor to proceed. ShopVue highlights ignored soft warnings on a report.


Operators can easily comment on how an operation is running by selecting from a list of preconfigured phrases and typing additional notes if necessary. The next time an operator runs this operation, ShopVue automatically displays the comments. The program can also capture comments by shift and by part.

The Comments feature improves communication on the shop floor and fosters continuous improvement with minimal additional effort.

Overtime Distribution to Shop Activity

Overtime hours are not limited to just attendance. This feature allows you to associate overtime to specific jobs. For example, if a special order for Customer ABC runs from 2:30 to 7:00 p.m. and operators begin accumulating overtime at 3:30 p.m., ShopVue will record a premium labor rate from 3:30 onward.

The Overtime Distribution to ShopActivity feature can help you increase revenue with better cost allocation.

User-defined Fields

Your administrator can configure touchable forms to collect other data with text boxes, drop down lists, and check boxes.

Outside Operations

If your routings include operations performed by outside services, you can configure shipping transactions to track when and how many pieces were shipped and when they returned. Built-in reports allow you to keep track of where parts are and analyze the time that outside processing took.

About ShopVue: ShopVue is a shop floor data collection system that provides a fast, friendly and foolproof user experience. Our MES software works with your ERP such as SAP; Oracle; Dynamics NAV, GP, or AX; Infor Syteline, XA, Point.Man, ForthShift; Macola ES; BPCS; PRMS and more.