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Paperless Dispatch 

Record Inspection Results Online

WIP and quality tracking in one user-friendly system.

ShopVue 7.2 integrates quality control with your paperless manufacturing workflow. Included with the Paperless Dispatch module, Inspection Plans allows Operators to record inspection results on the same interface they're already using to receive work dispatches and report labor.

With Inspection Plans, the Console displays a table of tests and samples. Operators record the test results in a single onscreen form---there's no need to flip through multiple screens for each sample or test.

ShopVue stores inspection results in its database for reporting and a full audit trail, meaning Inspection Plans may be able to replace your standalone quality assurance system.

Fast, Friendly Touchscreen Quality Reporting

The Tests Tab displays a form containing required tests, pass values, and sample fields. The Operator simply touches in each field to check yes or no or inputs results using the keypad. This interface eliminates the need to flip through multiple screens; the Operator can answer multiple questions for multiple samples in one place.

Online Documents for Easy Reference

The Documents Tab is ideal for showing a drawing, blueprint, or checklist with callouts pertaining to each of the tests.


User-Friendly Plan Maintenance

You can create new plans from scratch or by copying an existing plan and revise existing test prompts, pass values, sample sizes, and linked documents. You can also view historical test results from within the plan maintenance menu.

Configurable Privileges

You can allow Operators to test and record inspection results while reserving comments and sign-offs for Supervisors or Inspectors.

Configurable Workflows

You can create one or more Inspection Plans that apply to specific Part Numbers. Each Inspection Plan specifies the test criteria, pass values, sample size and frequency, and associated documents.

Easy Access to Results with Audit Trail

You can review and edit results for numerous tests and samples in an integrated spreadsheet on a single screen.

Custom Reporting

The Inspection Results report source provides access to quality data and allows you to create custom quality assurance reports. Examples include:

  • First pass yield (FPY)
  • Failed first articles
  • A detail list of all orders with parts that failed a particular test
  • Most common failures
  • A list of failures by Operator, department, or machine


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