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Factory Label Printing

labelNOW allows you to print labels that identity materials moving around your factory. With labelNOW, you can design your own label format or choose from standard formats, such as: WIP Label (with the option to add a lot or serial number), Scrap Ticket, or Move Ticket.

Zebra label printer and a ShopVue scrap ticket.

With labelNOW, you can:

Print labels at the point-of-transaction. When an employee reports a job finished, ShopVue can automatically print the desired label(s).This eliminates the need to preprint labels and the possibility that an employee might mistakenly pick the wrong label.

Eliminate stand alone label generation systems. labelNOW is integrated with ShopVue, so there is no need for data entry or data duplication. This prevents errors and saves time.

Customize label formats to your needs. Anybody can create new label formats using a simple WYSIWYG editor. You can add graphics, 1D or 2D barcodes, lines and boxes, and any data elements from the ShopVue database.

Assign unique identifiers to bins, production lots, or scrap parts. labelNOW can help you reliably identify every bin, lot, or scrap part on the shop floor. If there's a problem, properly labeled parts will enable you to trace exactly where the problem occurred.

Reprint labels. To reduce unnecessary operator steps, ShopVue typically prints labels automatically when operators report activity. Operators can, however, reprint labels in the event the printer fails or a label is lost or damaged.

Print to virtually any printer. labelNOW is compatible with any printer configured to work with Microsoft Windows, including popular Zebra desktop, industrial, and mobile barcode printers.

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