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The Certifications feature helps you ensure employees have the appropriate training to perform certain jobs or use certain machines.

Certifications can prevent an unqualified employee from starting a job or using a machine that requires training or a sign-off.

Defining and maintaining certifications

You define what constitutes certification – for example, taking a course or accumulating enough hours on a machine – and then maintain employee status in a simple check matrix.

In many cases, Certifications will be specific to machines or processes. For example, you may allow any employee to sign onto an assembly operation while requiring only certified employees can sign on to operate a machine.

Managers can easily maintain Certifications by creating Certification categories and then assigning the categories to machines, workpoints or order-steps.


Validation: Is this person qualified?

When using the Graphical Sequencer, planners and supervisors will not be able to staff a machine with an unqualified Operator.

On the Console, ShopVue will prevent an unqualified Operator from beginning a Run on a machine or operation for which he or she is not certified.

If desired, a Supervisor can override ShopVue and allow the uncertified employee to continue. (For example, the Supervisor may be providing on-the-job training, or closely monitoring the employee on a short-handed shift.)

Certifications reports show all employees and their certifications, making it easy for managers to plan and audit training.

If desired, a bonus pay rate can be assigned to employees with certain certifications. This pay rate can be paid all of the time or only when the employee is performing a job that requires the more specific skill.

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