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Access Control 

Electronic Building Access Control Software

Secure your building electronically without the need for yet another software system.

The Access Control add-on makes it easy to integrate electronic building access control with ShopVue. Using ShopVue Door Access, employees can use a single ID badge for attendance, labor transactions, and building access without the need for a stand-alone security system and redundant database.

With Access Control, you can:

  • Secure an unlimited number of exterior or interior doors with one software license. Simply install a ShopVue door access kit at each entry point.
  • Record all successful and unsuccessful access attempts.
  • Limit access. Control access by area, by employee, and by day and time.
  • Eliminate dual maintenance. You maintain employees' building access permissions in ShopVue alongside their paygroups, schedules, and other data. This saves you from maintaining employee databases and badges just for the sake of access control.
  • Choose your input device. The access kit can support virtually any input device. Common options including ultra-reliable slot scanners and proximity badge readers. The controller will reject scans from hacking attempts using unauthorized input devices (e.g., if somebody unplugs a proximity reader and attempts to use a keyboard to replicate a valid access code).


Access Logging

ShopVue records every access attempt, successful or not.

ShopVue can also distinguish and log different types of access failures, including: Invalid Badge (an ex-employee), Unauthorized Door (an employee is not authorized to open a specific door), Not Scheduled (an employee attempts to come in at 2:30am, long before his scheduled 7:00am start time), and Door Locked (doors are locked for everybody at specific times).

Access Control Hardware

We supply Access Control Kits. Each kit includes a weatherproof scanner, node controller, and relay. For each entry point, you will also need a weatherproof outlet box, enclosure mounting hardware, a door lock mechanism, and LAN cable.

Swipe Validation

As an employee swipes her ID badge at a point-of-access, the slot controller displays a red or green light to indicate whether the swipe was successful in unlocking the door.

Ethernet Connectivity

You won't need to purchase proprietary cables used with most specialized access systems. The Access Control add-on uses Node Controllers that connect to ShopVue using standard Category 5 Ethernet cable. 

Access Log Report
Managers can use the Access Log Listing report to review access activity.

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