Management Reporting 

CasRep: Easily Answer Questions With Your Data

When you have questions for the Web, you ask Google. Now, when you have questions about your shop floor, you can ask ShopVue.

CasRep is a new reporting system integrated with ShopVue that allows anyone with basic spreadsheet skills to design custom reports in minutes---no IT department or advanced training required. CasRep provides interactive displays that users can launch from the ShopVue Management Client, Dashboard, or as a stand-alone application.

There are three types of CasRep displays:

Traditional Report (or Graph)


Pivot Grid

CasRep displays are highly interactive. The grid and pivot grid displays provide intuitive means to group, sort, and filter information. Reports can provide hyperlinks to additional data.

Prior to CasRep, ShopVue reports have been integrated using the SvRep application which is based on Crystal Reports. Although SvRep is still used for many ShopVue reports, CasRep provides an alternative way to create and display certain reports. Both CasRep and SvRep reports run side by side within ShopVue.

Report Sources

CasRep uses Report Source technology to make designing custom reports fast and easy. Report Sources are prebuilt collections of relevant database columns that provide the requisite data to answer common queries. There are two main goals of Report Sources:

1. Grab all the columns of data you need (and none you don't) and 

2. Take care of the tricky parts of report writing (such as complex joins, calculations, and formatting).

New Report Sources are being added monthly. Currently available Report Sources include:

  • Access Log
  • Component Usage Details
  • Direct Machine Interface Log
  • Inspection Results
    • Part
    • Order
  • Lot Throughput 
    • Activity Date, Part
    • Closed Orders, Finished Date
    • Open Orders, Part
  • Payroll Details
  • Shop Activity Details
    • Logical Date, Area
    • Realm of Supervision, Home Shift
  • Step Throughput
    • Closed Orders, Finished Date, Part
    • Open Orders
    • Open Orders, Part
    • Activity Date, Part
  • Quantity Details
    • Logical Date, Area
    • Scrap Only, Logical Date, Area
    • Scrap Only, Realm of Supervision, All Shift
    • Scrap Only, Realm of Supervision, Home Shift
  • Workpoint Status
  • Workpoint Throughput
    • Closed Orders, Finished Date
    • Closed Orders, Finished Date, Part

Most notably, the new throughput report sources will help you answer common questions about where orders are and how fast they’re moving through the factory. For example:

  • Where's the order?
  • Which orders are stalled and where are they?
  • What is the cycle time for a part?
  • What route did an order actually follow?
  • What orders are queued up on machine M212 and how long before the orders are processed?

Other Features 

Drag-and-Drop Report Design

The CasRep Designer is included with the Management Reporting add-on license. Unlike Crystal Reports and similar business intelligence applications, you don’t need specialized training to create reports with CasRep. If you can build a pivot table in Microsoft Excel, you can use the CasRep Designer.

Export to PDF and Excel

CasRep reports are easily exported to PDF or Microsoft Excel (as either .xls or .xlsx files). Excel exports do not contain excessive formatting so you can easily continue to manipulate the data as a spreadsheet.

Print Preview and Direct Print

Quickly print a report using CTRL+P or preview the report prior to printing.


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