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Casco GT2R 

Rugged Terminal for Industrial Settings

The Casco GT2R is a touchscreen terminal that combines an easy-to-use interface with a rugged enclosure designed to withstand the harshest manufacturing environments.

A powerful PC on your factory floor. The GT2R features a color 5.7” touchscreen that eliminates the need for bulky and damage-prone components. The GT2R connects to your network in seconds via Ethernet to deliver powerful computing anywhere on the factory floor.

Hardware designed for your environment. The GT2R’s industrial steel enclosure and spill-proof NEMA 4 screen protects it from the elements. The unit contains no fans or other moving parts, and electronics are fully protected from dust, oil, filings, and other contaminants. The GT2R’s small footprint makes it easy to mount on walls, desks, or any convenient location.

A simpler, faster user interface. The GT2R integrates with optional bar code or RFID scanners to read employee badges, shop travelers, bin tickets, and other labels to increase the speed and accuracy of entry. Operators complete entries with large, easy-to-read buttons and an onscreen, touchable keyboard.

Accurate data, every time. Software automatically checks operator input against the ShopVue database and returns errors in plain English along with tips for correcting the error. ShopVue can be configured to test any operator input against predefined expectations and either permit or deny the input (for example, if somebody clocks in more than 30 minutes before their scheduled shift).

Employee self-service. With the touch of a button, operators can look up their attendance history and available absences. Administrators can configure the display to provide other pertinent employee data.

About ShopVue: ShopVue is a shop floor data collection system that provides a fast, friendly and foolproof user experience. Our MES software works with your ERP such as SAP; Oracle; Dynamics NAV, GP, or AX; Infor Syteline, XA, Point.Man, ForthShift; Macola ES; BPCS; PRMS and more.