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Input Devices

Bar Code Scanners

In most cases, ShopVue uses USB barcode scanners such as those made by Symbol to read manufacturing travelers, employee badges, and other data. You can choose between handheld or fixed mount scanners. 

Wireless (Bluetooth) barcode scanners may also be an option when using an alternative terminal such as an iPad.

Magnetic Stripe Scanners

If you currently use magnetic stripe badges for employee identification or building access, we can provide a slot scanner that will read these badges for Operator authentication in ShopVue.

Proximity Badge Readers

ShopVue can use proximity card readers to read proximity badges that your employees may already use for building access. We will be happy to test your existing proximity cards with our recommended badge reader---pcProx Enroll---to verify compatibility.

Biometric Scanners

For customers who require a higher level of security, ShopVue can utilize biometrics for Operator authentication. Currently, we have two proven biometric options:

  • Finger Vein Reader: The M2Sys M2FV Finger Vein Reader is a compact and highly accurate biometric scanner. The Finger Vein Reader offers an LED light to give users feedback when scanning and uses contactless imaging for a cleaner and convenient user experience.
  • Palm Vein Scanner: The M2Sys M2PV Palm Vein Reader offers a hand guide and contactless imaging for an intuitive and clean user experience.


ShopVue can print to any printer that uses Windows drivers, including popular industrial brands like Zebra. The labelNow add-on is required to print labels or tickets at the point of transaction on the factory floor.