ShopVue at Alere 

Real-time data directly from machines' PLCs means less downtime and more throughput.

Alere, a manufacturer of medical test kits, selected ShopVue to collect accurate, real-time data directly from their machines' PLCs, and to improve communication about what is happening on the shop floor between operators and supervisors, and between shifts.

Here are just a few ways ShopVue has helped Alere:

  • Increased Throughput: Six months after implementing ShopVue, Alere
    managers now have a clear picture of machine efficiency. They are able to identify
    process bottlenecks, spot employee productivity issues and make strategic
    decisions that improve throughput up to 300% per shift.
  • Improved Maintenance Response: ShopVue now helps Alere respond to
    machine downtime and track maintenance efforts. When a machine goes down,
    ShopVue automatically e-mails managers and mechanics. Mechanics use ShopVue
    machine run, idle and downtime data—along with operator comments—to
    quickly diagnosis and repair problems.
  • Less Sampling Waste: Using the audit trail of machine runs and operator
    comments, Alere supervisors were able to improve machine sampling
    accuracy, thereby reducing the need for manually sampling (and wasting)
    extraneous amounts of product.   
  • Less Clerical Work: During a surge in demand for Alere's products during the
    2009 swine flu epidemic, ShopVue enabled Alere to do away with a manual
    spreadsheet for tracking temporary employees. ShopVue collected temporary
    employees’ time and attendance and automatically generated reports for multiple
    staffing agencies, saving hours of clerical work weekly.

About ShopVue: ShopVue is a shop floor data collection system that provides a fast, friendly and foolproof user experience. Our MES software works with your ERP such as SAP; Oracle; Dynamics NAV, GP, or AX; Infor Syteline, XA, Point.Man, ForthShift; Macola ES; BPCS; PRMS and more.