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Points and Warnings 

Progressive Discipline Software for Manufacturing

Attendance compliance enforcement that's simple, fair, and automatically documented.

The ShopVue Points and Warnings add-on encourages good attendance by programatically ensuring progressive discipline.

With this add-on, you can assign disciplinary points when employees are late or AWOL, issue warnings to employees who collect too many points, or assign credits and rewards to those with good attendance. Integrated with ShopVue Time & Attendance, the Points and Warnings add-on implements your company’s policies to assign point values to policy infractions, and automatically generates warning letters when employees exceed a designated number of points within a set period.

ShopVue Warning LetterWith Points and Warnings, you can:

Assign point values to attendance infractions. Decide which violations (tardy, no-show, etc.) will receive points and how many points to assign based upon your organization’s policies.

Create ladders of warnings. Specify how many points an employee can accumulate within a specific period of time before receiving automatic first, second and subsequent warnings. For example, issue warnings to any employee who accumulates six points within a rolling six-month period and a second warning if the employee accumulates three additional points in the subsequent three months.

Establish criteria for reducing points. For example, choose to ignore infractions over a year old or assign credits for 60 days of perfect attendance.

Enable supervisors to input points manually. Track non-attendance infractions (e.g., when an employee violates a safety policy).

Provide system-wide visibility. Supervisors, HR, payroll, and other managers can view outstanding points and issued warnings. The ShopVue Console also displays points and warnings to the employee, so they are immediately aware of their infractions and disciplinary status.

Maintain legal compliance. ShopVue automates the storing of employee performance and discipline records to help you manage the legal risks associated with disciplinary actions leading up to and including termination.


The following scenario illustrates how the ShopVue Points and Warnings module could work at Global Precision, an imaginary company. The scenario includes both Global Precision's attendance policy and one employee's attendance and discipline history.


Incremental Points

Assign tardy points based upon how late an employee arrives. For example, you could give employees a grace period of three minutes, then assign a half point for being late by more than three minutes and two points for being more than 60 minutes late.

Perfect Attendance Report

Configure what constitutes perfect attendance based upon your policies. For example, decide whether military service, bereavement, or jury duty absences count against perfect attendance awards.


View points history and perfect attendance reports for any specified time period.

Credits for Good Attendance

Award credits to employees for consistently arriving to work on time or for achieving periods of perfect attendance. You then have the option of tying credits to bonus pay or another reward system.

Customization Opportunities

With customization by our professional services group, set up the Points and Warnings system to conform precisely to your policies. For example, you can create separate warning ladders for tardiness, unexcused absences, and safety violations. This segmentation ensures a safety infraction does not trigger a tardiness warning.

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