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This release includes Alternate Sequences, Attaching Photos/Files, 3rd Party Attendance Sync, Archive Order Life Book, Send to Recovery Station, and much more.


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Casco Development
ShopVue: User-friendly manufacturing execution software 

ShopVue is best-of-breed shop floor productivity software for mid-sized and large manufacturers.

ShopVue collects data with user-friendly screens and automatic machine polling to provide deep insights into what’s happening in your factory — all in real time.

With ShopVue, you can decide how much software you want. Choose from basic labor and WIP tracking or deploy everything to provide total manufacturing execution, including paperless workflow and lot/serial traceability from origin to shipment.

Whether you use all of ShopVue or core modules, the benefits of ShopVue's factory-friendly user experience is the same: with just a few simple inputs on the shop floor, valuable data flows from ShopVue to all areas of your business: Workers see it on wall-mounted LCDs, supervisors get it on their desktops, and managers pull it through custom reporting or in your ERP.

Factory-friendly MES

ShopVue is designed first and foremost for shop floor employees. A colorful touch interface displays just enough information for employees to do their jobs. Routine tasks like punching in, reviewing work instructions, or recording inspection results, can all be completed using as few “touches” as possible.

Job Tracking

ShopVue’s number one mission is to track activity on the shop floor. That means delivering the real-time status of any given job, lot, or serial number. Any time of day, ShopVue can answer a factory supervisor’s biggest questions:

  • Where are my parts? Can they ship on time?
  • Which orders are being worked on now? Which ones are stalled?
  • How efficiently are we working?

ShopVue imports order and routing data from your ERP. Planners can fine-tune work schedules according to changing customer demands and factory resources. Operators can scan barcode order travelers on the floor or select their next job from a "work to" list using the Paperless Dispatch module. ShopVue aids plant managers with process management, validating employees are certified for certain tasks and error-proofing component selection.

Labor Tracking

ShopVue tracks labor time accurately and completely by correctly balancing employees’ time on the clock (attendance) with actual work performed (labor). ShopVue accounts for direct time spent on work orders, indirect time spent on activities like cleaning or meetings, as well as breaks and absences.

ShopVue uses sophisticated logic to correctly calculate labor time even in complicated situations such as multiple people working as a team on multiple orders. ShopVue can serve as the single system tracking both time and attendance and labor to feed your payroll. ShopVue can even handle incentive pay situations.

Machine Tracking

ShopVue tracks machine performance distinctly from labor using either Operator input or direct machine interface (DMI).

With DMI, ShopVue can collect a machine’s uptime and downtime, cycle counts, and other data from its existing PLC or one we supply. The automatic data feed gives you real-time insights into your machine's efficiency and utilization metrics so you can spot problems before they negatively impact productivity.

ShopVue delivers real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and other metrics everywhere you look: On supervisors’ PCs, employees workstations, or wall-mounted dashboard displays.

Track/ Trace

ShopVue can provide production lot and serial tracking. With ShopVue lot tracking, you can trace every component of a manufacturing order from origin to shipment, providing a complete genealogy record for quality assurance and legal or regulatory requirements. With ShopVue lot tracking, you can:

  • Birth serial numbers
  • Associate component lot/ serial numbers with the item you are building with a simple scan
  • Get a complete genealogy with both forward and backward trace


Material Review Board (MRB) enables Operators to flag suspect parts for dispositioning. Inspectors can mark parts scrap, use-as-is, or reroute them for rework – all within ShopVue. The Inspection Plans feature displays checklists at configured intervals or specific routing steps and records inspection and test results in the ShopVue database.

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